The 2014-2015 program year started with 9 Bay Area Schools2 arcs (linked and visualized below) and one vision--to support educators to build their creative confidence and deepen their design thinking practice.

9 schools

2014-2015 Participants

Click into the map below to see a map and list of the d.home team schools for the 2014-2015 school year.


2 arcs

  • Arc 1 // Deepening Your Design Thinking Mindsets Arc 1 experiences took place at the and were designed to be experiential opportunities to learn more about techniques of design thinking and design-based curriculum as well create moments for participants to develop new insights into the mindsets that design thinkers embody.

  • Arc 2 // Deep Action Learning at School Sites:  Arc 2 experiences took place at school sites and were designed to give participants the chance to hone their design thinking practice by applying their skills and mindsets to a real and relevant challenge at their school.

6 areas of support that schools need to go deeper with design thinking:

  1. Context on why design thinking matters
  2. Scaffolding and coaching for integrating design thinking in curriculum
  3. Support to seek and define a challenge at school 
  4. Design challenge implementation kit
  5. Design thinking experts on call 
  6. Leadership and change management strategies